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GEMpowerment™ Glossary

The GEMpowerment Glossary is a robust collection of governance and educational terms, assisting boards to understand key oversight phrases and concepts.

Strategy Academy

The Strategy Academy takes the mystery out of board roles and responsibilities and provides resources to empower your board’s operations. Through the GEM Guidebook, our library of short videos, cheat sheets and checklists, the Strategy Academy offers clear, concise explanations that are perfect if you are looking for an elementary introduction into topics or desire in-depth guidance. Whichever resource you choose, all will allow you to apply its knowledge.

Strategy Calendar

The Strategy Calendar is an efficient way to ensure that your organization’s strategy remains at the forefront of all decision-making. This monthly planning tool offers guidance for boards by providing suggestions regarding data, discussions, and decisions that the board may want to consider as a part of that month’s oversight work. In addition to the calendar, this resource contains a prompt list of questions, able to empower members to ask the necessary governance questions.

Strategy Report

The Strategy Report template is the perfect tool to provide your board with the visibility needed for effective governance and oversight. It empowers boards to review, track, and monitor essential operational and performance data, providing a thorough view of your organization’s position. Powered by governance best practices and KPIs, your board will have a regular review of the information that matters in fulfilling your oversight role.

Strategy Consulting Services

Information is a key contributor to effective board decision making. While it is often assumed that board members have unlimited reserves of time and energy to execute great governance, this assumption is not consistent with the voluntary nature of most board positions. The reality is that board members are often accomplished professionals who have little time to design governance tools and techniques, but are compelled to ‘give back’ in meaningful service. For this reason, we offer consulting services in the areas of Finance, Governance, Board Development, and Strategic Planning. Our experience and expertise lead directors to major in governance instead of minoring in management and operations. Allow our teams to energize your board by delivering support solutions that afford you to serve with assurance and ease. Purchased individually or bundled together to create a suite of skills, our clients have found the ability to secure support at various budgetary levels.
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