We believe in Strategic Boards who govern schools with a strategic mindset. This is Good Governance.

A strategic, systems thinking, governance mindset, supported by the right operational framework, can be the solution your team seeks to lead the oversight work of your board. Allow the GEMpowerment Model® to be your board's guide, empowering your efforts to be truly strategic.

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Finance consulting to encourage fiduciary responsibility and good financial stewardship while aligning finite school resources and prioritized strategic goals.
Governance Consulting & Leadership Development to assist your team to embrace and exemplify best practices of 21st Century leaders
GEM® APP to energize your board with an operational framework able to replicate success in the domains of purpose, people, planning, and in your processes and performance

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Every board desires to govern well and to drive mission success. Alongside this desire, lives the reality of challenges that threaten the efficiency of board work and culture. Challenges may come in varying types and categories, but they all require the same thing: direction and decision. Education, information, operational process, and mindset are key contributors to strategic decision making. While it is often assumed that members have unlimited reserves of time and energy to execute great governance, this assumption is not consistent with the nature of board service. The reality is that members are often accomplished professionals who have a limited amount of time to perfect and deploy board duties.
For this reason, the GEMpowerment Model® contained in the GEM® App harnesses knowledge of the skills and expertise needed to empower governance success, placing guided governance right in your hands. Our experience and expertise leads directors to major in true strategic oversight instead of minoring in operational and tactical matters. Allow the GEM® App to energize your board by rendering an operational framework solution that affords your team to serve with assurance and ease.


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